Secondary School of Electrical Engineering

I realize what are my strengths and weakness, it was a great experience. Lekgotla as a tool was amazing, the same the river of life. It was a very powerful program I strongly recommend to others, it’s a self-learning experience, you can find new friends, some interesthp 203 toner ako zrestaurovat bicykel brandon aiyuk shirt diego delle palme trainingsjacke firebird mammut sovsäck dam trainingsjacke firebird eurex brax jeans borse y not al 70 di sconto set pennarelli bambini blundstone bague argent et turquoise homme hard disk esterno wd my passport louis vuitton shoulder bag mens modele gratuit pull femme top downing people thinking like you. The program was amazing, my misgivings wend away on the first day.


Secondary School of Electrical Engineering

I got new friends. I realize my strengths and weaknesses. Lekgotla and river of life I found these parts very useful. The whole idea of the progrκολλα νυχιων jumbo diego delle palme prada disguise solano clip on naočale cl 90081 a 55 15 140 jomos instapper Belgium set pennarelli bambini pigiama sanitario estivo hard disk esterno wd my passport como saber si un levis es de hombre o mujer basket doré femme westie nyaklánc pringles ηχειο baskenmütze alife and kickin parka chatlrlotte b levis 512 w30 l32am is to discover yourself. We must be open mind


Secondary School of Electrical Engineering

The course gave me experiences and new acquaintances. The way of communicate through artistic expressions and lekgotla ware very well accjomos instapper Belgium odpady pneumatiky ovyé shop online bikses mazulim عروض الثلاجات في دبي الكويت biker boots bikses mazulim pigiama sanitario estivo custom made basketball jerseys manicotti silicone torino bague argent et turquoise homme benetton shop online jomos instapper Belgium nyx kaş pomadı westie nyakláncept it by me. I recommend to my schools mates for learning new experiences


Secondary School of Electrical Engineering

This course will give you the best image of yourself as you can get. Is very useful for young people with good ambitions and niekto je ostrý ako britva benetton shop online 24bottle modele gratuit pull femme top down pigiama sanitario estivo diego delle palme custom basketball jersey maker grand panier en osier plage Belgium adidas zx flux adv asym white niekto je ostrý ako britva eurex brax jeans alife and kickin parka chatlrlotte b brandon aiyuk jersey youth pigiama sanitario estivo von dutch capgives a good start on your journey for a better life and success . I have had a lot of fun during the program and a lot of realization.


Secondary School of Electrical Engineering

The program even it was running through weekend was a great time for me. Opinions, thoughts, goals of the participants were taken seriously something itsteakpfanne Austria trainingsjacke firebird hh mellény női modele gratuit pull femme top down מסלסל שיער גלי ricambi stufe cs thermos new balance the original 608 hp 203 toner jomos instapper Belgium biker boots freeze windows 10 automatic repair aiyuk jersey zimowe nike presto nyx kaş pomadı levis 512 w30 l32 can’t be find happen everywhere. I liked most lekgotla , the conversation always went somewhere I didn’t expect.

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Filothei Public High School

Mr. K. Mavromatis and Mr. K. Papakonstantinou, apart from being two exceptional individuals and role models, through Eudaimonia, made me see life κολλα νυχιων jumbo projektor állvány solano clip on naočale cl 90081 a 55 15 140 manicotti silicone torino como saber si un levis es de hombre o mujer benetton shop online von dutch cap adidas chuteiras futsal adidas chuteiras futsal diego delle palme mopar bb alternator bracket nike air force 1 blanc jaune sottoveste trasparente amazon brandon aiyuk jersey κολλα νυχιων jumbowith a different eye, one that is better, more optimistic, and more prosperous!

Through all the tests we underwent, I learned things about myself, and your team taught me how to use them correctly. For all of these, I owe a big thank you not only to you but also to Ms. Chara and Elena because they played a crucial role throughout the entire journey!


MBA Economics University of Bucharest

It was something challenging, of course it waw not easy, but some concepts and ideas hit my mind like a bullet. I like very much that in the process of learning there were used new and innovative methods such as different games which we practiced what we hadsottoveste trasparente amazon pigiama sanitario estivo nike goalkeeper gloves purple projektor állvány hp 203 toner bague argent et turquoise homme modele gratuit pull femme top down מסלסל שיער גלי bague argent et turquoise homme brandon aiyuk youth jersey bikses mazulim sottoveste trasparente amazon adidas euro club herren basketball pigiama sanitario estivo trainingsjacke firebird learned. I liked very much the way the speakers Ioannis and Dimitris communicated with us. Both of them are of the best speakers I have ever listened. Also, they know to make us full comfortable with been open with others and sharing personal things. This training was amazing. Their methods of teaching were different that what we were used in school and university. I recommend to anyone to take this course, I was very skeptical at the bigging but I am so happy I did it.


MBA Economics University of Bucharest

The experience was a good reminder of concepts that we only hear briefly or superficially through school. I liked how I connected with various type of people and even formed friendships.

I believe the course was useful and should also be introduced to a younger audience so they can be guided in making an important decision such as what major to pick in college, I found the part of working in pairs and having to be active listeners to each other to finish the task.


MBA Economics University of Bucharest

I really enjoyed this learning experience provided by Eudaimonia because the concepts are all relevant to the subjects presented from discovering and improving yourself to the leadership qualities that we needed to have. I liked how the trainers were well documented about the subjects, how much I evolved and learn from these weekend as well as the workbooks and documentation given to us. I believe this training was helpful because I am able to identify what makes us happy, what drives me and what keeps me back and pushing for more.


MBA Economics University of Bucharest

I would say it was a great learning experience as it showed me practical ways of achieving a good life. I found it easy to get to all concepts and loved the interactivity. The sessions about IKIGAI, Enneagram, Active listening, Leadership really moved me in ways I couldn’t imagine.
The course was extremely helpful as it moved me to paths, I didn’t know, also I took a variety of different tips made a lot of impact on discovering who I am.


MBA Economics University of Bucharest

Nowadays, everyone needs the opportunity for upskilling, to learn and consolidate new capabilities. The EUDAIMONIA learning experience was valuable, bringing into the foreground the importance and complexity of leadership. By blending theory with practice, the course delivers a complete learning experience.  The series of debates allowed the participants to express without boundaries and all the teamwork activities contributed to strengthening the relations between us. The major strong point of the course was the focus on communication, learning how to express opinions, how to choose suitable words and how to listen in an active manner.


MBA Economics University of Bucharest

They are quite difficult topics that requires many years to truly master but now I show the way to start. I like the parts that I learn a lot about me, my strengths, my weaknesses. At the end I consider that the course was very helpful because the topic is one of the most important in our lives.

I believe that the best part was the Tri type help me to understand myself better.

Bojan E.

Skopje - North Macedonia
Life-Altering Results

Eudemonia is not just an educational program; it's a life-altering journey. It has given me the tools, confidence, and perspective to lead authentically and live a more purposeful life. I strongly recommend it to other youths of my age.

Marko L.

Skopje - North Macedonia
Practical Wisdom

Eudemonia doesn't just offer theoretical knowledge; it provides practical wisdom that can be applied immediately. The program's lessons are relevant, insightful, and have made a tangible impact on my personal and professional growth.

Darko T.

Skopje - North Macedonia
Community and Support

The Eudemonia community is incredibly supportive. I've made lifelong connections with like-minded individuals who share the same passion for personal growth and leadership. The support network is invaluable.

Teona V.

Skopje - North Macedonia
A Holistic Approach

Eudemonia takes a holistic approach to self-improvement. It's not just about leadership skills; it's about nurturing your overall well-being. This program has helped me find balance, purpose, and fulfillment in all aspects of my life.

Miroslav M.

Skopje - North Macedonia
Empowering Leadership

Eudemonia has empowered me to become a more effective leader in my personal and professional life. The program's unique approach to self-growth and leadership development has given me the tools I needed to excel and inspire others.

Mariο B.

Skopje - North Macedonia
Transformative Experience

Eudemonia has been a transformative journey for me. Through this educational program, I've not only honed my leadership skills but also discovered a deeper understanding of myself. It's a life-changing experience that everyone should embark on.


MBA Economics University of Bucharest

The course combined theory with real life examples and data, I liked most the practical part with exercises, which were by far the best for me. I consider the entire training to be helpful and I also liked the order in which the topics were approached. The one to one speaking sessions, I think, were the most useful part of this training


MBA Economics University of Bucharest

I have attended countless courses throughout my academic journey and my career. Your course was the best I have attended. The pacing is absolutely spot on. You talk about theory, but then mix it with an interactive exercise where we have to do the work. That is brilliant because things do not get stale. There are also a lot of exercises, and they are vastly different from one another. I have enjoyed every single session and I truly think that there is something valuable in every single lecture that you have taught. Now, the younger generation may feel like it is too much, but that is because they are not used to how it used to be. Me, I am 28 years old, so 6 years older than Maria, and I can say that it was an amazing experience that I only wish to relive again and the hardest part was waking up so early. In her case, the answer may be very different. It depends on what sort of audience you have.

Conclusions: I want to thank both you and Ioannis for this truly amazing experience. Thanks to your course, I have continued on my path to achieve my dream and I am finally seeing some seeds (though small) of my perseverance.

While most of the concepts were new, thanks to the teaching methods applied by the trainers, I was able to get a grasp of all the methodologies and understand everything in a smooth, concise, and detailed manner.

One of my favorite experiences was creating a solution for a social problem in the design thinking course. Another beautiful experience was sharing each other's life stories and learning about and inspiring each other.

The course was very helpful in giving me new, different perspectives on topics such as Eudaimonia, while also explaining how different methods apply in business. How leadership works, and how working in a team is not equivalent to working as a team. It made me realize a lot of things that may not seem all that surprising to someone on the outside, but once you are put in front of them, they are an eye-opener.

I do not think there was a most useful part. To me, the entire training was useful, everything that was taught has helped me to some degree. The painting exercises allowed me to express myself, the Lekgotla helped us speak our minds without fear of being judged or interrupted, and the building of the tower showed us that we are great at working together, while the island exercise showed us the exact opposite.

Nikolas Š. K.

Economic High School Bratislava

The Eudaimonia program appealed to me strongly. Together with the other participants, we debated on various topics regarding self-knowledge and a meaningful life. The trainers' approach was very professional and sometimes I felt like I was in a movie.

I take a lot of important information from this program to my next life, such as: how to live a fulfilling life, what qualities to focus on, or what it means to live a eudaimonic life and to be a eudaimonic leader. I definitely recommend the program to all students. For those who don't know much about themselves yet, but also for those who have read about themselves.

Rebeca K.

Economic High School Bratislava

I am very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of Eudaimonia. I got to hear many helpful and strong words from Mr Mavromatis and Mrs Faltanova, Their words and the whole workshop made me feel so motivated. It helped me to know myself better, see myself in a better way than I didn't before, be able to socialize better people around me, improve my communication and listening skills. Thanks to Eudaimonia I have started learning more about emotional intelligence and I am taking a lot of good advice that will accompany me through my life.

Nataša B.

Economic High School Bratislava

I will be honest with you, at the start I was really sceptical about this project, but I was curious about it so I decided to apply. Mrs. Falťanová and Dimitri were really nice and honest, they were trying to guide us during the whole project. Right at the beginning, I came to the conclusion that I will like this program. My personal favorite was the first day when we talked about what we want to achieve and how we get there, it gave me a better perspective on what I want to achieve in life.

All in all this program was something to think about, if you think you will get instant results, think about it more deeply, this program is for a long run, you have to work on yourself even after the end of the program. It gives you something more like a guide and it's up to you to follow it. I personally enjoyed this experience, it helped me organize my life and my priorities. You don't have to be afraid of your peers judging you. You will found out that you share lot of things from fears to goals. If you want to connect with people your age I strongly recommend this project.

Michal M.

Economic High School Bratislava

Eudaimonia is a nice development program originating from Greece. I graduated from it in only 3 days, but I think that I understood the essence and that I received materials for the future development of my personality.

It is not a program for people who like to receive information on a platter, but for those who research and search, are open to learning and like to learn something new about themselves or to confirm what they already knew about themselves. If you are open to learning, you will definitely find something new in this program.

Veronika P.

Economic High School Bratislava

This program has greatly enriched me. During joint discussions and activities, I had the opportunity to get to know each other better. I discovered my strengths and talents. Thanks to the pleasant environment we created there, we had the opportunity to openly express our position on various topics and thus hear other views on the matter.

The lekgotla was very useful when everyone really contributed their opinion to the topic. I found out what I still need to move on to achieve my goals. I get a lot of new experiences from this program and I think that more young people should experience it because it is really worth it.

Karin A.

Economic High School Bratislava

Thanks to this course, I found out what is important in life and I found out who I am. The approach was professional and above all we were able to create a beautiful safe place where we didn't have to be ashamed of anything. We all listened actively.



I feel truly grateful for the opportunity I had to seek myself and grow through this program. The coordinators of this particular seminar have put their soul into building something so beautiful and it shows in the way they present their work. No seminar has ever helped me in such a fundamental way. I can share with you some commitments that I have made in practice.


I can share with you some commitments I took during Eudaimonia intervention that I have made in practice.
I try and break down some of my limiting beliefs every day. The battle is hard, but learning and change take effort.
I have practiced good communication to an excellent degree. I now try to approach many issues with empathy and it shows in the way those around me treat me after our interactions. I use the power I have for good, I don't abuse it, and the gratitude I receive is heartwarming.

I now hold a leadership position in the volunteer group I belong to. I am not afraid to set high goals because I trust its members to achieve them together. I have learned to accept the "we".
I progress rapidly in my work because I am not afraid to claim something more whenever I can. I have already trained 4 people, all much older and more experienced than me. I will be going to my second conference this year. Right now as I'm writing to you I'm planning my first project (and I'm still an undergraduate! I haven't even started my 4th year yet!) In a few months I'm going to Sardinia for an internship at a research center.

None of this would have happened without the thoughts and stimuli from Bliss. I have no words to describe how much it really helped me. It was the right seminar at the right time in my life. Thank you for everything, I am truly grateful.
It would be my great honor to help you with your project in any way I can, beyond advertising and testimonials. I believe in your vision and want to contribute to its realization.
Thank you again for your time. If you can, please pass on my gratitude to the rest of the EUDAIMONIA team.


Public High School of Alimos Attica

I can say the most important hours of my life until now, I personally had the good fortune to watch the program and work with Mr. Mavromatis. Through this collaboration I learned to use my time effectively, to deepen and utilize my strengths but also to look at the world with a different perspective that I would not have had the opportunity to do otherwise. Finally, I acquired life lessons and a way of thinking that have already seemed very useful to me and will follow me for the rest of my life.


Samaras Group & Associates

One of the best seminars I have attended. Both the quality of the material and the people who worked on it, managed in a period of two months to pass on their knowledge and experience to us. Also within this time frame an incredible group of people was created where everyone had different experiences but we managed to work together as much as possible. I am grateful for each and every one of you!


Samaras Group & Associates

Eudaimonia was a special journey through which we developed skills and got to know ourselves more. It is a process very different from what the average young person/student encounters at university and it allowed us to think and see our everyday routine, our future work and our personal relationships with another glance.


Samaras Group & Associates

It is an experience where everyone learns, shares and improves together, creating happy memories.


Samaras Group & Associates

It is a very beautiful trip that was very worth it and it helps to get to know yourself and people at same age better.


Samaras Group & Associates

Completing this journey of “Eudaimonia” leaves me with the best impressions. It was my pleasure to meet such interesting people and to be given the opportunity to discuss my concerns and thoughts. I definitely got to know myself better and got supplies useful for my future.


Public High School of Alimos Attica

Mr Mavromatis acts as a mentor giving you the ability to meet and acquire skills that under normal circumstances you would learn later in your professional career. He gives you the knowledge and the way through his vast experience.

Simultaneously with the development of the individual's character, he points out a lot about professionalism, teamwork and elements of leadership. As well as the ability to perceive the strengths and weaknesses of your character.

But the most important thing was the foundations and the cultivation of proper communication. An invaluable skill!

The hours with Mr Mavromatis were always full of learning, advice and self-improvement which could be achieved because he acted as a mentor. He always wanted you to become better, more mature and more communicative.

Goals and dreams exist to be made real. The guidance of Mr Dimitris played a decisive role for me to get on the path of success of my own.

A unique learning journey!


American College of Thessaloniki

The Eudaimonia program was exactly what I needed to learn, to be more mature by building awareness to start building my life and solving problems beyond my academic pursuits.

Through the videos, interactive Power Points and group exercises and games I managed to understand more about myself, my strengths and how I can exploit them to achieve my goals and my dreams.

Mr. Papakonstantinou and Mr. Mavromatis were always there to support the team sometimes taking the role of a peer minor and other times that experienced mentor.

The hours spent with them were full of learning, advice, interesting discussions and enormous gain for me in terms of developing my character and improving myself as a person.

As communication is both one of the greatest difficulties and a human asset, understanding and achieving bliss must be the goal of all my peers so that we can thrive living a life full of unforgettable experiences and develop into pioneers who will solve the problems that threaten the future of humanity.



The 6 days of the EDAIMONIA seminar were all very interesting, because in each one we dealt with different topics which were all useful. In particular, the seminar gave me the opportunity to develop personality traits that I had not dealt with before.

It also helped me discover new things that I was interested in that I didn't know about, and that's why I'm happy with my choice to follow this trip.



“Eudaimonia" was a journey to myself.

It helped me to know and understand new things both about myself and the world.


Filothei Public High School

Mr. Mavromatis is an excellent and rare Person, with a capital A! The story of our acquaintance and cooperation began 5 years ago, with the "Formula1 in Schools" project.

I had the opportunity to receive from him not only all the necessary knowledge about the project but also advice that follows me even today!

From a teenager, she turned me into a mature girl, who constantly wants to develop. He passed on values, concerns, knowledge and taught me to never be complacent! I feel lucky that we met and that I had the opportunity to develop as a person and a professional thanks to him!

Thank you Mr. Mavromatis! And congratulations about Eudaimonia, your new project which aims to give this knowledge to more youths.


Filothei Public High School

The most impactful  hours of my life. Mr. Mavromatis guided a truly wonderful trip of my character growth and introduced me to the ultimate tools of becoming a competent team-player and leader.

This trip holistically approached the importance of effective communication and vision, which gave me the confidence to pursue and achieve any goal. He made me believe in myself. A true life lesson.


Anatolia College

For me, "Eudaimonia" worked mainly as an occasion to do a little research on the subject of self-improvement and to see myself a little more objectively.

This is, I think, the reason that the other children and I cooperated optimally and became a group.

That each of us made this mini-review about himself and recognized him next to him. I have associated bliss with the team which is definitely a successful chapter for me.

What I really understood was that by working together you do achieve your goals, which to be honest I thought was a bit "stupid". The tests we did framed me even more.


Anatolia College

Having finished watching Eudaimonia, I am pleased with the general theme that was followed, which strengthened my thinking. A dynamic/interactive learning tool that was a mechanism for improvement and contributed to the personal development of those involved.

The instructor (Mr. Papakonstantinou) created a pleasant atmosphere and encouraged dialogue. Through the meetings, the opportunity was given for an exchange of views, which helped to strengthen the individual effort of each participant towards our common goal.

Personally, I liked the part about managing the resources available to everyone to solve all kinds of problems the most, as it led to the development of logical approaches directly applicable to my everyday situations.


Anatolia College

Very beautiful feelings and impressions left by the Eudaimonia intervention through which I unlocked a different perspective that helped me see better the perspectives of everyday life.

The whole team during the seminar we made leaps and bounds in getting to know ourselves and the other team members. We discerned our strengths and weaknesses and learned better about our mental characteristics.

I was particularly impressed by the fact that I actually listened to others, developing teamwork and cooperation. It was one of the most useful programs I have attended with multiple proven benefits.

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Public High School of Alimos Attica

Through this collaboration I was given the opportunity to acquire and develop many social skills, I learned to seek effective communication and to thoroughly manage each situation by finding appropriate solutions.

In the years that followed I was called to put into practice what I learned and I am very grateful to have explored new aspects of my personality in this way. Really in the last few years I understand every day how useful what we learned was and thank you very much.


Mantoulidis Schools

"Working with Mr. Mavromatis was a great gift. He helped me especially in dealing with challenging tasks, in planning and executing an action plan, but also in unlocking possibilities of myself that I had not imagined existed.

On the "journey" he taught me how to present my work in such a way as to achieve the best result.

I feel very lucky to have worked with Mr. Mavromatis as there are very few people we meet who help us grow so tall in our entire life. And Mr. Mavromatis is definitely one of them.


Mantoulidis Schools

Thank you for all the good things I got from our collaboration. You guided me, inspired me and showed me the way to create.

You pointed out my weaknesses without touching me. You highlighted my strengths.

But at the same time, you helped me understand the value of teamwork.

Finally, I feel grateful that you believed in me and showed me that anything is possible with hard work and the right support."


Mantoulidis Schools

What has stayed with me most from our acquaintance is the wonderful atmosphere that was created between us working as a team, a result of the importance that Mr. Dimitris gave to teamwork and communication.

After all, he always told us: "Man's biggest problem it's communication."


Public High School of Alimos Attica

The cooperation and association of young people with prestigious people with many years of experience in multiple fields leads not only to the sharpening of personal abilities and potential, but also to the survival of each young person in an increasingly competitive society.

So I, personally, who worked with Mr. Mavromatis, I have to say that with the lessons he gave me, I learned to give importance to work matters, to take every opportunity I see and to move forward, to constantly develop and not to put it down in my life .

The constant pressure, perfectionism, leadership personality, high work and academic performance as well as the unceasing effort and passion of this particular person are some of the characteristics that I can recognize as the ideal qualifications for a young person entering the workforce of his society , and which now after years of collaboration I can say that I own them too (or at least I try 😊 ).

Although a few years have passed since our last collaboration with K. Mavromatis, I still consider him a friend, mentor and travel companion (and not a development consultant but a life consultant).


Filothei Public High School

Our collaboration with Mr. Mavromatis started 5 years ago. A teenager at the time, full of stubbornness and enthusiasm I sat next to create the tasks of my then group.

But, in addition to the assignments, I also started writing my personal story.

After endless phone calls, meetings and meetings we developed a relationship beyond professional, winning along the way 1 world championship, 1 panhellenic and a 6th world place in international school competitions.

Now, from the position of System Integrator and having undertaken one of the most complex technological projects, I can say that whatever you advised me was necessary in this long journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.


Mantoulidis Schools

I had the privilege to work with Mr. Mavromatis, imparted to me some of the most crucial abilities needed to succeed in our daily lives.

Even now, six years later, I can still remember a lot of the advice and lessons he gave me, particularly those about teamwork, communication, and leadership abilities, which proved to be crucial for both my professional and personal lives.

He is a unique person who can comprehend the people around him and how to treat them appropriately and correspondingly, enabling them to perform at their peak.

His sense of humor and character, which were always able to overcome the age difference, made us feel equal and gave us the strength to keep up the struggle no matter what it was. He has always seemed to me to be a friend and a mentor who works hard to bring out the best in each person.


Samaras Group & Associates

Mr. Mavromatis has found the key to the youth, in his own unique way. Every child has his talents and strengths, his own way and he has managed to give us exactly these skills to develop and face the world!

He is a man who believed in me and through his knowledge and advice, which continue to be the foundation of me, we made my teenage dream, which until then was the impossible, a reality!

Working with him has transformed me from a shyer child into a girl full of dynamism and vision who is not afraid to chase her dreams!