Erika Faltanova

I am a passionate and enthusiastic supporter of young people. I help them open the path of knowledge and self-knowledge, uncovering their talents and life values. At the same time, I know that they want more than a high school diploma or a university diploma. They want to be prepared for life. There, school knowledge is no longer enough.

«Educating the mind, without educating the heart, is no education at all». Aristotle

MA – Economics and Management of Industry,
Certified trainer and consultant for Leadership, Sales Skills and Customer Services,
Certified coach and mentor coach, ACC-ICF ,Past President and Vice-president of ICF Slovak Charter Chapter
Trainer, coach and facilitator for projects supporting young people  – Teach for Slovakia, Butterfly Effect and Duke of Edinburgh,

Author of publications, webinars and workshops for school principals on the topics Key issues of change management in schools, How to lead people to perfect performances.

Katerina Zlatanovska Popova

Soft skills trainer, career counselor, Point of you© coach, Disc Flow trainer

Katerina’s mission is to ignite inspiration and provide expert guidance to empower individuals to unlock their full potential. She is committed to fostering lifelong learning, nurturing personal growth, and helping individuals discover their unique IKIGAI – the Japanese concept of finding purpose and fulfillment in life.

With 20+ years of experience in formal and informal education, Katerina is an expert in managing personal development workshops, such as Emotional Intelligence and communication skills, conflict management, leadership, problem-solving skills, and professional development programs for various groups. She works mostly with students and young people on career counseling and coaching, preparation for job interviews, and employability.



Eva Papastergiou is a psychologist, graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and an art psychotherapist, trained in the postgraduate program of the University of South Wales. She is dedicated to creating an environment of free expression and development for the people she works with using art-making in the psychotherapeutic process. 

Eva specialises in relationship issues, emotional regulation, anxiety and depression, immigration and life transitions, complex mental health and sexual trauma. She has worked in public hospitals, schools and refugee camps in Greece and the United Kingdom. Her private practice is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Christos Agrogiannos

BSc, MSc

Christos was born and raised in Germany. He is a graduate of SSE, class of 86, a final student of the Aristotle University of Athens and a graduate of German Philology. He attended further training in Schools in Germany, the Netherlands, America, Belgium and the Philippines in Management and Leadership, Sales and Negotiations, Human Resource Development and Guidance Counseling. In 2001 he graduated from the IBM Sales University, La Hulpe, as a certified instructor and guide for the IBM training cycle with the distinctive title GSS (Global Sales School), in which he participates until now.

He is a corporate learning development consultant, trainer, and coach with wide experience in sales, consultative selling, soft & communication skills, human interaction, negotiations, management, and leadership.

Furthermore, he has expertise in performance improvement, organizational and human resource development, change management, conflict resolution, cultural diversity, and cross-cultural issues, CX and excellence in call Centre s.

International lecturer, coach and consultant for personnel development and performance management in multinational companies around the world in matters of Management and Leadership, communication, skills, sales, negotiation, customer service, performance management and personnel development, assessor and consultant for executives of all levels of companies, such as GM Europe, IBM EMEA and CEMA, Microsoft EMEA, Honeywell, PMI, Sony Europe, Unilever, Abbott, Lenovo, LiDL and ZIM.

His main focus in his deliveries and interactions is to inspire and encourage individuals to change, leading to a measurable attitude, behavior, and skills improvement to enhance their corporate and personal performance.

Christo van Staden

MA (cum laude), Pretoria, 1992

Enneagram and Maturation Coaching Accreditation, Level 3, Aephoria Partners

SPECIALISES IN Transformation (individuals, groups, organisations), Leadership and teams, Facilitation, coaching & consulting. Worked in the public service, on my own, as manager in a consulting firm; as a teacher, lecturer, learning designer, consultant, facilitator, coach.

Professional field: Organisation Development – this includes leadership and team development. Coach, with a broadly existential approach, using the Enneagram and Leadership Maturity, and drawing on my understanding of the humanities, philosophy, psychology, poetry, etc.

Master’s Degree in Literature. Published poet (Eros ontbind, Protea 2006), with a new book of poetry in the final stages. Artist, music maker, gardener, for my own pleasure.
Biodanza facilitator.

Christo is an experienced Organisation Development practitioner who started out in organisational learning, partnered in an OD firm, and is founder member of Vivencia Collective, an initiative to bring deeply transformative well-being practice to organisations and communities. He has been teaching Biodanza for more than 20 years and has been working with the Enneagram for almost a decade, and his current focus is on practices of embodiment and awareness to stimulate and nurture the potential inherent in individuals and collectives for creating healthy worlds for our own and future generations.

Madlen Aram

Madlen is a recognized expert coach, facilitator and educator specializing in effective communication and leadership. She is dedicated to encouraging professionals and business leaders across industries to break through barriers in communication, unlearn unhelpful patterns, command their confidence and achieve their personal best, be that in their organization or in their private life.

Since 2016 she has helped managers and high-potentials at some of the nation’s top companies to transform their communication style and become compelling and engaging communicators.

Today, she has generally carved out a niche for herself as not only a leadership communication coach, but as a passionate advocate for the development of human potential through empowering communication.

[email protected]

+359 88 2530690

Ivo Dobrev

Ivo brings over 20 years of business experience to his role as trainer and executive coach. He complements his coaching with a multi-dimensional perspective from his own background in project management, team motivation, sales and management service to Fortune 100 companies.

Ivo has built a strong foundation in mindfulness and self-leadership development. He is committed to helping individuals align their purpose, values and strengths so they can expand not only their leadership impact, but also uncover their sense of meaning.

[email protected]

+359 88 9259555

Elena Eleftheriadou

Elena is a versatile, motivated and enthusiastic training expert with a strong vision assisting NHS Trusts, Private practices and individuals identify and implement successful personal and organizational change through Coaching and Therapy.

Having combined her work experience in the last 12 years as a trainer, consultant and therapist in the Medical, NHS, Recruitment and Charity sectors, she helped companies deliver sustainable performance improvement through its people by connecting everyone with a common goal.

Elena uses her passion and purpose to help them overcome stress and burnout, enhance communication skills and improve their work-life balance.

What makes her unique is the process she uses with clients to understand their behaviors towards themselves and others and build their confidence to change and self-develop.
Also having studied sign language for 2 years enabled her to train in non-verbal communication.

Chara Kitsou

MSc Positive Psychologist & Psychology Coach, BSc  Licensed Psychologist, Systemic Counselor, EMDR Trauma therapist, HR Consultant, Trainer, Eudaimonia Ambassador “The greatest joy in life, is the joy of being you!”

 I strongly believe that all of us have infinite potential to grow and flourish, which is the purpose of my committed work.

My mission is helping individuals and organizations to move from functioning to flourishing. I am passionate for leading people to move beyond their limits, discover their strengths, find their work and life meaning, connect with their authentic self and finally thrive. Insisting on my continuous personal and professional development, I take full advantage of my experience translating groundbreaking evidence-based research from the fields of Positive Psychology, Coaching Psychology and Systemic approach into practical strategies for achieving happiness, well-being, personal & business success.