This journey has begun a couple of years ago when, on a comfortable couch of a cozy caffe, we were sharing our experiences from our tenured business, consulting, coaching and teaching careers and our gradual involvement with more and more young people, two or more generations after us (i.e., Millennials and Generation Z). Especially Gen Z (those born between 1997 and 2012) have already or are gradually preparing their entrance to the world of work and to pursue their own career paths.


This Generation has its own distinctive characteristics shaped by their own and their parents’ experiences (e.g. the financial crisis of 2008):

  • Prefers social media, email, texting and phone over face to face communication (source: XYZ University, Deloitte).
  • Ranks first financial security over “personal fulfillment” (Deloitte).
  • Prefers more to work in industries that they interact with in their personal lives than those that they are not using their products or services.
  • Seeks diverse and entrepreneurial opportunities with the safety of stable employment and will remain loyal to a company if they can offer this.
  • Prefers individual tasks over team-based activities. Independence but not isolation.
  • Is interested in ethics, practices and social impact of companies.

There were some questions that arose consistently in our subsequent discussions: “Do those youngsters know how to live a good life (as defined by Aristotle) or are they overwhelmed by the fast pace of change that makes many of us live “on surface”? Did they take the deep dive to get a better grasp of who they are or are the hetero-defined by their social environment? In other words: “Are they self-aware of their strengths, virtues and purpose in life?”. That’s the why and how we developed “Eudaimonia”.


Eudaimonia” is a journey you take, not just an end state. It’s a journey that will help youth to live the best kind of life. A journey that will help them live a life in their full human potential with virtue, excellence and meaning.


We aspire to assist youth in developing their Assets (i.e. skills, competencies) to achieve their desired outcomes. We vision youth to be able, through self-awareness, to use their resources in order to make or influence decisions about their lives and set goals that they will pursue through rigorous and systematic actions. We want youth to be the positive force for change in the years to come through meaningful engagement with their communities and environment.

Our mission is to help young people thrive in their lives through cultivating and educating them in order to develop their thinking, practices, abilities and confidence.