Positive Organizations

About the program

Positive organizations are defined by engaged employees, empowered people, and a culture of collaboration and commit­ment. “A positive organization is a place where people are flourishing as they work and as a result they are able to exceed performance expectations,” (Prof. Robert Quinn).

Are the people in your workplace generally over-extended and under-utilized or are they fully engaged and constantly renewed? Despite the best intentions of many leaders, you only have to look at the research on how people describe themselves as “flourishing” to realize that most of us are exhausted from trying to better manage an ever-shrinking supply of time, whilst our strengths go untapped.

Program syllabus

  • Positive Meaning & Purpose
    • Bringing purpose into focus to drive organizational commitment and results
    • Imbue the Organization with a High Purpose
    • The Job Crafting Exercise

  • Positive Relationships
    • Building High Quality Connections
    • Psychological Safety
    • All you have to do is Ask
    • The Reciprocity Ring

  • Positive Practices
    • Examples of what positive organizations do to make their employees thrive
    • Emotional Intelligence and how to improve it
    • The flourishing Triangle

Program structure

  • 3 days in class, 18 hours (3X6)
  • 3 days on line 12 hours (3X4)

Benefits for the participants

Participants will be in a position to develop strategies to enhance employee engagement and create a culture of collaboration and commitment. Furthermore, they can adopt practical techniques to create a positive organizational environment in which employees will thrive and become a better version of themselves. The program itself is highly energizing for the participants who bring fresh and practical ideas in their Depts.