This educational program is aimed at young people aged 16 to 23, regardless of their level of education. It is a different approach to these ages focused on self-awareness, the introduction of some necessary skills in order to face and operate in the marketplace and their cognizance on general issues such as entrepreneurship, environment protection and circular economy.

Our challenge is to be able to help young people thrive in their lives through cultivating and educating them, to teach them understanding others with ultimate goal of developing their way of thinking, good practices, learn new skills and increase their self-confidence.

It is also a challenge for companies in the context of their Corporate Social Responsibility to engage and invest in the children of their employees, in the new generation that will possible be the future managers or executives of the companies.

Finally we could not ignore the young employees under 30 who have started working and need and they in turn have a very good understanding of themselves, the handling of their behaviors in their daily work, the way of thinking and solving everyday problems. The Eudaimonia courses adapted for them, help them to consider their decisions to be leaders (leadership is a choice), and live their life with a balance of work and personal life.