It all started in 2015 from the STEM F1 in schools, 4X4 in schools competitions where Dimitris Mavromatis dealt with youth’s teams helping them to cope with the difficult criteria for their age.

Working with youth’s groups he met and listened to the needs of the generation of millennials and saw the knowledge they do not get from school and parents to live a truly successful life both as people and as professionals.

Kids live in a world where we leave them full of limitations, dangers, insecurity, intensely competitive, with the planet and the environment being destroyed by the manipulations of our generation.

Kids want knowledge of themselves and knowledge of becoming, they want to develop abilities, skills and philosophy of life.

Thus began the vision of the creation of bliss. To give children concepts, methodologies, values, techniques to see with a different look the challenges of their future.

We collaborated with 4 old friends and associates, the pandemic with lock downs gave us the necessary time, more than 3,000 hours of reading, exchange of experiences, group telework, endless discussions, videos, implementation of dry runs, small pilots.

And here is the result.

The interventions of Eudaimonia are a journey with a mission

to create opportunities for young people to develop skills, habits and self-confidence, for their personal well-being and contribution to the community and with the ultimate goal of children after the end of the journey will have succeeded

  • A clear understanding of their course and their future
  • Understanding the development of Wellbeing’s long-term happiness
  • Enhancing self-confidence
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Increasing incentives for action
  • The development of necessary skills to achieve their goals
  • The development of positive communication
  • Improving relationships with family, teachers, friends


Eudaimonia does not ask how life evolves, but what our lives should be aimed at (Handbook of Eudaiminic Well-Being Joar Vtterso)

We started on April 15, 2021 and thirteen months later we share our effort.