Eudaimonia in the workplace

About the program

It is a program that is focused at young employees try to help them through a very good understanding of themselves and their behavior to envision the “next day” in their workplace.

Program syllabus

Day 1

The starting point – SELF-KNOWLEDGE

The Eudaimonia path. We will evaluate ourselves and understand our current situation regarding strengths, talents but also dark points, weaknesses, as well as our behavior.
• Eudaimonia, happiness, well-being, and how to achieve them
• Understand that Eudaimonia is created through interaction rather than isolation
• Three levels of self-knowledge: Head, Heart, Hands
• Virtue, Wisdom and Character the 3 pillars of Eudaimonia
• Unexplored Life
• Knowledge of ourselves
• Ways and tools of self-assessment: Understanding the current situation
• Talents and Strengths: Awareness of talents and strengths, mission in life, fears and “blind spots”.
• Character and Personality
• Restrictive beliefs


Day 2

The trip and the supplies. THOUGHT & ACTION

We will learn how we lead to success, the importance of visions of dreams and goals, the obstacles to the right way of thinking

  • Dreams, goals
  • My dreams against my limiting beliefs and prejudices
  • Prejudice, Judgment & Decision Making: Exploring the mental functions and cognitive biases that significantly affect our way of thinking
  • Reducing Prejudice: Knowledge and use of techniques to reduce mental distortions that improve individual and group decision making


Day 3

Where we want to go – The trip and the supplies THOUGHT & ACTION

We will learn essential skills such as decision making, problem solving, communication and team dynamics

  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Effective Teamwork: Identifying team dysfunctions and learning ways to improve teamwork
  • Empathy and communication
  • Development of the necessary skills for effective communication
  • Active Listening and practice techniques in the techniques


Day 4

We Are All Leaders – INSPIRATION

We will learn the essence of Leadership and how we can conquer it

  • Understanding the components of leadership
  • Leadership Measurement: Knowledge and incarnation of the Practices, Commitments and Behaviors that make leaders emblematic
  • Best Personal Leadership Experience: Recognizing the principle that leadership is a choice
  • Becoming a Better Leader: Demonstrating leadership skills
  • Focus on our leadership behaviors and capabilities and decide who we want to be

Benefits for the participants

Participants will be able to develop the appropriate skills in their workplace with the aim of advancing faster at the hierarchical levels.