Searching for the term “Eudaimonia” we find only 2,180,000 results !!!

And here we get lost. What exactly did the ancient philosophers mean by Aristotle (Ethical Nicomacheanism), what do modern psychologists mean, what is the relationship of Bliss with the necessary skills required today, what can the term mean for generation Z.

According to Wikipedia, happiness is the state of prosperity, good luck or successful social status, it often includes wealth and other factors independent of wealth to varying degrees, such as joy and health.

Aristotle meant the complete flourishing of the human personality, the all-round activation of the main human possibilities.

Bliss is also being in life. This means personal development and understanding of ourselves and our goals.

When we created the series of interventions for young people “our Eudaimonia” we were at the beginning of a difficult endeavor.

Today, closing a whole year and thanking the companies that trusted us children of their employees, schools mainly abroad that gave us the opportunity to present the interventions, we dare to say that

“Eudaimonia is not well being, is well doing.”