The Eudaimonia program was exactly what I needed to learn, to be more mature by building awareness to start building my life and solving problems beyond my academic pursuits.

Through the videos, interactive Power Points and group exercises and games I managed to understand more about myself, my strengths and how I can exploit them to achieve my goals and my dreams.

Mr. Papakonstantinou and Mr. Mavromatis were always there to support the team sometimes taking the role of a peer minor and other times that experienced mentor.

The hours spent with them were full of learning, advice, interesting discussions and enormous gain for me in terms of developing my character and improving myself as a person.

As communication is both one of the greatest difficulties and a human asset, understanding and achieving bliss must be the goal of all my peers so that we can thrive living a life full of unforgettable experiences and develop into pioneers who will solve the problems that threaten the future of humanity.