The cooperation and association of young people with prestigious people with many years of experience in multiple fields leads not only to the sharpening of personal abilities and potential, but also to the survival of each young person in an increasingly competitive society.

So I, personally, who worked with Mr. Mavromatis, I have to say that with the lessons he gave me, I learned to give importance to work matters, to take every opportunity I see and to move forward, to constantly develop and not to put it down in my life .

The constant pressure, perfectionism, leadership personality, high work and academic performance as well as the unceasing effort and passion of this particular person are some of the characteristics that I can recognize as the ideal qualifications for a young person entering the workforce of his society , and which now after years of collaboration I can say that I own them too (or at least I try 😊 ).

Although a few years have passed since our last collaboration with K. Mavromatis, I still consider him a friend, mentor and travel companion (and not a development consultant but a life consultant).