I feel truly grateful for the opportunity I had to seek myself and grow through this program. The coordinators of this particular seminar have put their soul into building something so beautiful and it shows in the way they present their work. No seminar has ever helped me in such a fundamental way. I can share with you some commitments that I have made in practice.


I can share with you some commitments I took during Eudaimonia intervention that I have made in practice.
I try and break down some of my limiting beliefs every day. The battle is hard, but learning and change take effort.
I have practiced good communication to an excellent degree. I now try to approach many issues with empathy and it shows in the way those around me treat me after our interactions. I use the power I have for good, I don’t abuse it, and the gratitude I receive is heartwarming.

I now hold a leadership position in the volunteer group I belong to. I am not afraid to set high goals because I trust its members to achieve them together. I have learned to accept the “we”.
I progress rapidly in my work because I am not afraid to claim something more whenever I can. I have already trained 4 people, all much older and more experienced than me. I will be going to my second conference this year. Right now as I’m writing to you I’m planning my first project (and I’m still an undergraduate! I haven’t even started my 4th year yet!) In a few months I’m going to Sardinia for an internship at a research center.

None of this would have happened without the thoughts and stimuli from Bliss. I have no words to describe how much it really helped me. It was the right seminar at the right time in my life. Thank you for everything, I am truly grateful.
It would be my great honor to help you with your project in any way I can, beyond advertising and testimonials. I believe in your vision and want to contribute to its realization.
Thank you again for your time. If you can, please pass on my gratitude to the rest of the EUDAIMONIA team.