Christo van Staden


Enneagram and Maturation Coaching Accreditation, Level 3, Aephoria Partners

SPECIALISES IN Transformation (individuals, groups, organisations), Leadership and teams, Facilitation, coaching & consulting. Worked in the public service, on my own, as manager in a consulting firm; as a teacher, lecturer, learning designer, consultant, facilitator, coach.

Professional field: Organisation Development – this includes leadership and team development. Coach, with a broadly existential approach, using the Enneagram and Leadership Maturity, and drawing on my understanding of the humanities, philosophy, psychology, poetry, etc.

Master’s Degree in Literature. Published poet (Eros ontbind, Protea 2006), with a new book of poetry in the final stages. Artist, music maker, gardener, for my own pleasure.
Biodanza facilitator.

Christo is an experienced Organisation Development practitioner who started out in organisational learning, partnered in an OD firm, and is founder member of Vivencia Collective, an initiative to bring deeply transformative well-being practice to organisations and communities. He has been teaching Biodanza for more than 20 years and has been working with the Enneagram for almost a decade, and his current focus is on practices of embodiment and awareness to stimulate and nurture the potential inherent in individuals and collectives for creating healthy worlds for our own and future generations.