Chara Kitsou


MSc Positive Psychologist & Psychology Coach, BSc  Licensed Psychologist, Systemic Counselor, EMDR Trauma therapist, HR Consultant, Trainer, Eudaimonia Ambassador “The greatest joy in life, is the joy of being you!”

 I strongly believe that all of us have infinite potential to grow and flourish, which is the purpose of my committed work.

My mission is helping individuals and organizations to move from functioning to flourishing. I am passionate for leading people to move beyond their limits, discover their strengths, find their work and life meaning, connect with their authentic self and finally thrive. Insisting on my continuous personal and professional development, I take full advantage of my experience translating groundbreaking evidence-based research from the fields of Positive Psychology, Coaching Psychology and Systemic approach into practical strategies for achieving happiness, well-being, personal & business success.